Many of you already know, or may not be surprised, but Samurai BANZAI! has been discontinued. The reasons for this are many, including "winging it," which, while it works for some webcomic artists, doesn't work for me. Also, no matter how "different" I try to make them, it is just too odd for me to have all the main characters based off of friends (half of which I don't see anymore) and myself. And, while I love the Sengoku era and find it a wonderful setting for stories, I felt too restricted in what I could do with the story due to my lack of knowledge in Japanese culture, history, and weaponry -- Granted, I know a lot more than the average Westerner, but far too little than I would have liked to do a proper story set in feudal Japan. I know most of you don't really care how accurate the historical/cultural aspects are, but I do.

Those of you who wish to still read the comics can find .zip and .rar links at the bottom of this page; I have both the old, original BANZAI! strips and the newer, redone ones. Take your pick, but keep in mind the files are pretty big and can take a while to download on slower connections. Believe me, I know how frustrating it is to see a comic you follow and read end before it's really finished, but I can't work on a project I find so many faults in and is no longer enjoyable for me.

However, this is not the end of my webcomicing. I still love telling stories, and doing comics. In most of my free time now, I'm currently doing another comic called "Rune Master: Tales of a Demon Slayer." This time, it's a world of my own setting, giving me a lot more freedom. There are eastern aspects to it, as well as western; the world itself is mainly feudal, but not entirely. It's something different than BANZAI!, but I'm enjoying it a lot already, and I have found a way to work with it that looks well, but isn't too taxing on my limited time. Though it is drawn by me, I am not the only author. I co-wrote Rune Master with CP. Some of you original BANZAI! fans might remember her appearance in the comic as Megumi. Hopefully, with more creative input, Rune Master will be better and more enjoyable for all parties involved - CP and I are pretty happy with what we've done, but it is up to you to decide if you enjoy it as well.

I should also note that RM is NOT a manga -- it is drawn in a different style, closer to that of American cartoons with maybe a little bit of anime/manga influence; some have told me it reminds them a bit of the Clone Wars micro series, but it is still obviously and nonetheless my own style. While I love anime/manga, I honestly never cared for my attempts at that kind of art, and so RM's style suits me more and allows me more creative freedom than I ever felt when doing anime/manga style artwork.

Whether or not you become a reader of Rune Master, I thank you for reading this and SB. Once again, I apologize for ending SB, but I felt it needed to be done.

Enjoy Rune Master, guys!


~ Briana Higgins

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